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Are you doing everything you can to ensure all of your customers, including people with disabilities, have equal access to your programs and services?

What are you prepared to do today to ensure your programs and services are accessible?


    Let us assist you in: 

  • Complying with the disability legal and regulatory requirements without compromising your organizational objectives.

  • Engaging your staff in active learning with our on-site seminars and consultations so they can walk away with “tried and true” methods on how to effectively work with EVERY customer that walks through the door.

  • Providing job placement services at NO COST, including tracking outcomes, for eligible clients with disabilities.


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Training Services

Training Services

Have you ever participated in training and left wondering what you actually learned?

Creating effective training that focuses on transfer of learning into the workplace is what Human Solutions does best! 

Learn more about our customized training offerings.

Ticket to Work

Ticket To Work

Do you need placement assistance with your clients receiving Social Security benefits?

Would you like tracking job placement outcomes to be a whole lot easier?

Click here to learn how we can work together!

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Like many professionals, continuing education opportunities are a must to ensure your credentials stay current. 

Earning Continuing Education hours doesn't have to be costly or take you far from home. 

See how our training opportunities can meet your credentialing needs!

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